Stoney Creek Commercial Locksmith

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Stoney Creek Commercial Locksmith, Businesses require a host of security measures, which our trained technicians are well equipped to provide, so you won’t have to worry about losing valuable business assets to either outside threats or employee malfeasance. Commercial buildings require many levels of security for entrances and exits, both internal and external, depending on the size of the building. From front doors to file cabinets, if you need a lock or keys we can make them.
We can design and create a Master Key or Key Control system for your business. Certified to service E-Plex locks and security systems, Stoney Creek Commercial Locksmith is your solution for any lock or key issue.
We have verity of commercial locks which will protect your business building, we recommend design a master system for big commercial building, we can handle all your commercial locksmith needs.

Install Commercial grade 1 deadbolts

If you are concern about your business security we at Stoney Creek Commercial Locksmith would recommend grade one deadbolt on all your business entrance and exterior doors,  Why grade 1?

Grade one deadbolts are very reliable and more secure than regular commercial deadbolts and here we have couple of other key way option which will increase security of the lock,  we have sergeant key ways, LSDA key ways, Best Key ways, Schlage high security, our professional commercial tech can handle all your commercial locksmith needs.

Stoney Creek Commercial Locksmith services we offer:

*    Install and repair exit bar and alarm lockStoney Creek Commercial Locksmith
*    install and re-key Commercial Deadbolt
*    install grade one commercial lever handle locks
*    Master system and high security keys
*    Unlock and make new keys for all type of commercial locks
*    Install and repair E-plex lock series


You might need to add a lock to a restricted area within your company. Or, you may need to create new set of keys or re-key your key code for recently-hired employees. Whatever the case may be, our Stoney Creek based Locksmith service offers these fast efficient commercial locksmith services for your needs.


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